IIL Twitter reloaded

20 March 2015

Reflecting on the design of the new IIL website has led to a redefinition of how our IILInfo Twitter account should be best used for the benefit of all. Its main goal now is to support educational thinking by sharing the best of IIL technology watch.

A number of IIL staff constantly scan the web to identify new ideas, trends and resources shaping education in the 21st century. The results of this monitoring directly influence the projects initiated at the institute.

Potentially, this internet watch interests a much wider public than just IIL staff. As Twitter is such a widely used social network, it is the ideal platform for sharing articles and the latest educational news. This type of widespread interaction also makes global discussions on topics such as international education, 21st century skills or bilingualism possible.

Caroline Duret, literature teacher at IIL as well as IIL digital resource contact, is responsible for administering our Twitter account and for publishing the most relevant links. Please tweet your suggestions directly to Caroline at IILinfo.

In addition to acting as our internet watch, IIL Twitter account reports on events (such as seminars, conferences, guests) taking place at IIL or in which IIL participates. Looking under the hashtag # IILSGIS2015 you will find a few highlights from the SGIS conference (Swiss Group of International Schools) held at IIL on 20-21 March which brought together over 400 delegates.

IIL Twitter aims to offer an informed guide in the areas of pedagogical innovation and applied technology in schools. Everyone is encouraged to use it as a resource tool.