IBDP Sciences – Brainstorming & Collaboration day

27 March 2015

On Friday March 27th 2015, the IB section of IIL hosted a meeting to clarify the new procedures for the IB Diploma Sciences Internal Assessment, following the recent curriculum review.

The ‘brainstorming/collaboration’ day gathered IB Diploma science teachers and technicians from across Switzerland, who met to discuss and share strategies to cope with the logistics of the ‘individual investigation’.  Attendees took part in ‘break-away’ sessions for all three sciences we offer: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

As in true IIL style, our Year 12 students were on hand to welcome our guests and serve refreshments, before escorting them to the workshop that took place in the impressive second floor laboratories.

The day was deemed very valuable by those who participated, many of whom had travelled across the country to be part of this fledgling group.  This latest ‘professional development support group’ for IB Diploma programme Science educators, was supported by the Swiss Group of international Schools (SGIS) and will become an annual event.