I loved it because we talked about things that we don’t normally talk about.

22 March 2017

From 20th to 24th February, IIL senior students and their philosophy teacher organised a Philosophy week, for the first time, in the school.

The aim of the week was to bring philosophy to life, by moving away from the traditional learning methods of philosophy required for the baccalaureate programme. This project also gave Secondary students the opportunity to get to know one another better.

This double challenge was won hands down! There was a very positive reaction from both teachers and students who were keen to get involved in the various activities.

Various workshops and other events were organised throughout the week. The debate workshops, mainly hosted by students were particularly popular. Love, friendship, perception of others, beauty, culture, the universe, etc were just some of the subjects discussed.

Each student was able to make a personal contribution.

A « philosophy squad » turned up unexpectantly in the classes to act out a short roleplay showing how philosophy is ever present in our everyday lives.! A workshop centred around « Nao », the IILs’ robot gave students the chance to discuss the relationship between man and machine.

A guest speaker was invited to give a conference on his cycling trip across the USA. Judging by the number of students in the room, this was a roaring success.

A projection of the film « 451 Fahrenheit » was used to discuss the connection between happiness, culture and politics.

The same students spent a morning with primary children in the French section where once again they received a very warm welcome.

Throughout the week, students of all ages had the opportunity to discover a new approach to philosophy.



All in all, the philosophy week has demonstrated that philosophy is very much present and yet absent at the same time.

Present in that we constantly question ourselves about the world, about others, about oneself…but absent because there are not enough areas available to go to exchange opinions and discuss the important questions in life.

Thanks to the students’ determination to find a place and time, philosophy could leave the traditional Senior student classroom and go further afield.

The most amazing thing about all of this is that it made everyone realise just how important philosophy is and how much we can gain from talking to others. We can learn a lot from one another even if the person is someone younger or older than ourselves.

To make this great experience last a bit longer, a blog has been set up by the Senior students. You can find various articles, internet links, quotes, quizzes, etc. It will also be an opportunity to read the reactions of others! Many photos have been posted to remind everyone of all the great moments during the week. A film is also being prepared.

Until philosophy week next year, happy philosophy to you all.