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Dogsled adventure

22 February 2018

The Husky: intelligent, good-natured – and born to run! It was an exciting and thrill-filled adventure for the Year 3 classes, as they each had the opportunity to be in control of their own dogsled team.

Winter at IIL holds many amazing and unforgettable snow bound journeys. For the Year 3 students, there was nothing quite like the sensation of mushing around in the snow with a group of huskies and earning their friendship in return.

After expert instructions, students were placed securely in the driving seat. Those who wished to be passengers shared sleds with an experienced adult. The combination of a fun adventure and adorable sled dogs in the stunning mountain locations of the Jura, made an unforgettable and unique experience. The students were left feeling warm, cosy and smiling!

“I loved it!  The huskies were so cute; I wanted to take one of them home.” – Caroline

“I learned that Dog sledding does not create any air or noise pollution; it’s just you, the frosty landscape and our adorable furry friends leading the pack across the snow.” – Mathias

“The huskies reminded me a lot of the students at IIL- they were all smart and athletic.” – Evan

It all depends on snow consistency, weather conditions, the weight that is carried on the sled and of course whether the sled is travelling up or down hill, but generally the huskies can pull a sled to a speed around 10-15km/hour.

Ski trips are common in Switzerland, but there was only one school outing where everyone could enjoy fun-loving guides, a scrumptious meal on the mountain top, all accompanied with furry 4-legged friends. This is just another reason why IIL makes winter so much fun!
By Felicia de Lucia
English Primary Curriculum Coordinator