Digital Leaders round two

20 January 2017

Last year was the first year Digital Leaders were appointed in the English Primary Section. The presence of Digital Leaders has definitely brought a fresh, pupil-centred perspective to ICT. It was such a huge success last year that we are doing it all again!

I have been so impressed and inspired by my Digital Leaders (past and present). Each and every one of them has taken on their responsibilities with such energy and enthusiasm, which has been demonstrated in everything they’ve had the opportunity to be involved in, from organising ICT Club for younger students to an inspirational Internet Safety assembly (February 2016) and not forgetting their participation in the Robo d’Evian.

Moving forward new challenges

Last year there were 9 Digital Leaders, this year there are 8 (four from each Year 6 class) overall there were less applicants second time round, nevertheless the applications this school year were of an extremely high calibre and the competition was fierce!

Already this new team of technological crusaders have come up with some innovative ideas so watch this space!

Opportunities and responsibilities

Being a Digital Leader and having an official role with a badge has been proven to instill students with a great sense of responsibility.

Our team of primary Digital Leaders are responsible for carrying out specific jobs on a regular basis including; filming assemblies, writing a technology newsletter (this was the Digital Leader’s idea), supporting their fellow students and teachers with technology from iPad’s to interactive whiteboards, promoting and being involved in events such as the ‘Hour of Code’ and ‘Internet Safety Day’ and they often have the opportunity to test new apps and innovations at IIL.

The Digital Leaders also take great pride in organising and running a weekly ICT Club for younger students, giving the students excellent hands on experience and the chance to share their skills and expertise.

DL blog 2

A word from the Digital Leaders themselves

I asked the Digital Leaders what they have enjoyed most about being a Digital Leader so far, here are some of their responses: “I really enjoy that people look up to me and ask me questions”, “I like testing new apps and also helping students with technology”, “I have loved being a digital leader so far because I am part of a team”, “I like that we work in a group and if a person runs out of ideas the other people always have some”, “I love when other students come up to me and look up to me, I feel so special!”, “I like doing ICT club and testing new devices and apps”

How does the employment of Digital Leaders relate to the IIL White Paper on ICTE?

Action: The Digital Leaders have, are, and will continue to assist in the integration of new practices in English Primary. “The use of ICTE is necessary to give students as well as teachers the means to conceive and drive these changes”.
Skills: The students are already familiar and confident with their devices and generally have an excellent skill base by the time they reach Year 6. Being a Digital Leader opens up opportunities for “development of new competencies”.

Carolyn Barnes
Photos courtesy of Daniel Laubacher