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Creative Writing Course at the Arvon Foundation

1 September 2015

Once the shock of having no internet subsides, something shifts in the students’ faces. Their vision becomes broader as they take in the ferny forest floor and sweeping Yorkshire Dales.

They marvel at the quail as it parades through the gardens and giggle at the bunny hopping over the strawberry patch.
The air is clear here at Lumb Bank. The river flowing in the valley below is a lullaby at night, a flowing of ideas by day. Thoughts slow down to make way for the glimmer of light behind an opening door of the mind. Other worlds entice the students to explore long-forgotten worlds. Their pens scratch frantically at the page trying to capture the thoughts which come tumbling free. They have discovered for themselves the magic of a creative life.

We swam in starlight and bathed in brooks. We harnessed lightning and embraced the night. We whispered dreams and wrote with gusto and honour. We scrubbed and polished and diced and sliced our words as well as our food. Life rose from the empty graves of the blank page and laughter filled the air like eternal butterflies. Our writers were pioneers, warriors, dancers and artists. They were philosophers and muses, word-makers and soul-seekers, cunning in their stealth with a glint in their eye. We collected truths and embellished the every day to discover the shape of our dreams.

‘And they were all, when their souls grew warm, poets’ – Ray Bradbury

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