Charity collection – pens and note books

26 March 2018

In the English Section, our Year 5 and 6 Catechism class  presented their Lenten project to all of Key stage 2 at their assembly last Wednesday. They asked for help collecting pencils, erasers, sharpeners or small notebooks for two orphanages in East Timor.

The children explained that the orphans cannot go to school if they do not have a pencil and will keep their pencil until they cannot hold it any more.

The catechism children would like  to help the orphans by asking for donations of pencils, erasers,  sharpeners or notebooks, so each child can go to school every day.

One of the orphanages is in Laga , which is near the capital of East Timor, and it has 160 children aged between 5-18. The other one is in Venilale, in the east  of Timor and also has 160 children, aged between 6-17.  

The children explained that  in the orphanage the older children help to prepare food and make clothes for the younger ones and that the children are very happy there.

Pencils, erasers, sharpeners and small notebooks can be dropped off at Miss Powers office, until after the Easter holidays.

Thank you for your help!