Back to school 2016 : for your convenience

24 August 2016

The new building is beginning to take shape and we are starting to get a idea of how things will look once this latest addition to the campus is brought to fruition. As work continues and as the 2016/2017 academic year gets underway, we are keen to ensure your IIL experience is “user friendly”.

Firstly, the documentation of school procedures has been reviewed in its entirety, as have our publications on the IIL website, with an aim to providing a clear picture of the full array of procedures and programming. We encourage you to make www.iil.ch your first stop for accessing codes of conduct, calendars, brochures and news about everyday life at IIL.

We are recapping and summarising email communications to put an end to those frantic searches through messages in your inbox.

A particular effort has been paid to planning in order to anticipate as far as possible, the main events which are to take place during the year. The Calendars and Diary for each section, already posted on the website, provide extensive insight into the year ahead and will be regularly updated as time goes by.

In order to make the best of our website, the research engine has been refined and all IIL publications are now index-linked on the Internet, allowing for easy access to information on the school website, blog, and Companion, and all related documents.

A new module has been added to ENT enabling real-time publication of timetabling updates. This will give teachers and students an up-to-the-minute picture, as and when adjustments are made.

Classroom equipment throughout the French and English Secondary sections has been renewed to facilitate screen projection, and to improve communication and collaborative work. The classroom can be adapted to meet the requirements of different learning strategies, thanks to an increase in the number and quality of screens which greatly extend the capacity for writing and display in each room.

Lastly, our one-to-one programme has reached new heights. Over the next few months, students and teachers will all be provided with an iPad Pro. iPads have become an everyday essential in the classroom, and can be used as a valuable teaching aid to stimulate and enhance creativity, and as an efficient class management tool.

The measures taken to improve security on and around the campus last year will still be relevant as building continues this year. We encourage you to take note of the recommendations outlined in the attachment to ensure the safety of children, families and staff, and to assist the free flow of traffic in the vicinity, particularly at drop off and pick up times.