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A touching report about « Lancy d’Autrefois »

5 November 2015

Our class had an extraordinary outing to the Lancy d’Autrefois. The experience was simply stunning, broadening our knowledge of the history of Geneva during WWI.

We were given booklets to fill in during the outing. The rooms were filled with fascinating objects and information, drawing the attention of my classmates and I.

We learnt exquisite things, from the names of soldiers to the clothing worn in those times. Our class even took a photo wearing the garments of soldiers, maids and captains.

We were able to put ourselves into the shoes of the WWI people, giving us newfound perspective and insight. To end the tour, we returned the booklets, now filled with information, to the tour guide.

My friends and I discussed what we had viewed and enjoyed a glass of juice. Even though the museum was small it gave us lots to reflect on.

Amanda, student of Y8