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Meeting an IIL champion

  • 21st Jun 2017

Privilege is a word that we hear less and less of nowadays, yet it is a word that sums up life in this school and for most of Geneva in one word. We have: a high-standard education, a secure environment, the comfort of our homes and families to return to

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Alan Roura visits IIL 9e students

  • 22nd Mar 2017

On Tuesday 14 March, children in 9e had a great opportunity to meet Alan ROURA. Alan ROURA is a Swiss skipper and the youngest person to take part in the Vendée Globe, coming in 12th in the last race. (more…)

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Interview of Emmanuel Okorougo

  • 19th Jan 2017

Former IIL student, Emmanuel Okorougo recently took the time to answer some questions regarding his exciting new chapter in his life. Emmanuel attended IIL from 2009 to 2015 along with his brother Shawn before moving to The Whitgift School in South London.  Lire la suite

Year 7 Nature Poetry Appreciation

  • 13th Apr 2017

In the Secondary English Section, Miss Khalid’s Year 7 English class have been studying nature poetry by William Wordsworth, John Keats, Walter de la Mare and W. H. Davies. To share their appreciation of nature poetry, Year 7 illustrated the challenging poem of ‘Autumn’ by John Keats. In response to

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Peer teaching

On February 22nd, IIL was visited by a delegation of the Primary School of Notre Dame du Lac. 3e and Year 10 students actively participated in a ‘discovery science visit’ and thus proved they were the best ambassadors of our school. (more…)

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Christmas Jumper Day 2016

  • 1st Feb 2017

On16th December, during The English Primary Section’s Christmas show you may have noticed the teachers were all wearing Christmas jumpers? Some were tasteful, some were funny and sparkly, but they were all being worn for a great reason: to raise money for Save the Children appeal who run world-class programmes

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You will never walk alone

  • 3rd Jan 2017

Several Year 6 students from the English Primary Section came up with a novel idea to ensure everyone here at IIL has a happy playtime. Their “Buddy Bench” concept began as a conversation and grew into a concrete approach to tackling loneliness in our playground. Three girls who launched the

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