IIL START – EYFS Programme Description

Children begin the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage Programme (EYFS) in our Nursery. We are pleased to offer a class led by an experienced and fully-qualified teacher, equipped to cater for every child’s needs.

Our Nursery offers a happy and stimulating learning environment where all our children feel valued. High staff ratios ensure strong pastoral care and high-quality teaching.

We adhere to the principles of the UK’s EYFS programme, which are grouped into four themes:

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning and Development

Engaging learning stations, planned around the needs and interests of each child, are set up both inside and outside the classroom. This enables each child to develop crucial learning and development skills. Furthermore, having access to a large and well-resourced outside area, enables our children to explore and investigate the world around them.

All areas of the UK’s National Curriculum are thoughtfully considered and effectively catered for at IIL START –  EYFS. Phonics and Early Maths are core elements of EYFS and children explore these curriculum areas through productive play and exploration.

As children progress through to Reception there is a greater emphasis on phonological development, as well as other areas of the KS1 curriculum, which makes the transition from EYFS to Year 1 seamless.


Bilingualism at IIL START –  EYFS

In addition to French language lessons conducted in intimate groups, EYFS children enjoy learning together with their friends from Maternelle. This daily cohesion strengthens the children’s French language skills in a relaxed setting and continues throughout IIL English Primary. Cohesion between EYFS and Maternelle takes many forms:


Teacher exchange:

It is as simple as the title suggests: We exchange our EYFS teacher for a Maternelle teacher who leads a music lesson each week in our EYFS class. This project supports the children’s French language development in addition to enabling our teachers to share best teaching practices.


Bilingual library sessions:

We mix groups of age-related classes for a weekly bilingual library session. This exposure to traditional stories inspires an enjoyment of French literature and an interest in experimenting with French language; an enjoyable challenge for curious young minds.


Team-work projects:

These hands-on sessions serve to strengthen the children’s French language skills in a familiar setting. We enjoy getting messy with crafts and science experiments and we may invite you (parents) to join us…


IIL START – EYFS classes take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00 am until 3:20 pm and Wednesday mornings from 8:00 am until 11:40 am. No classes take place on Wednesday afternoons as school ends at 11:40. After-school care is available for children every day from the end of the classes until the departure of the buses at 4:30pm.

Please visit our Parent Handbook, which is available to download from the English Primary pages of IIL’s website.