Skype-based linguistic exchanges

  • 12th Jun 2017

In April 2017, the Year 10 French Foreign Language class of Mr Schneider, participated in a project with the Cycle d’orientation de la Veveyse (COV). The aim of this project was to help the students of both classes to improve their foreign language skills, French for the students of IIL and English for the students of COV.

Before their Skype call, the students prepared videos in which they introduced themselves. These were then shared in a private webpage with the students of COV, who responded with videos of their own. Afterwards, the Year 10 students chose a French speaking correspondent and a Skype call took place in the classroom.

Three weeks later, the Year 10 students chose a different partner, with whom they had a second Skype call. The students could talk about a subject of their choice such as; sports, music or television. The students then wrote a report of their discussion, which were then handed to Mr Schneider the following Monday.

Harvey, Sedem, Vittorio, Anirban

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