• 11th May 2020
During these challenging times, we would like to commend our IIL Community.

Through collaboration, creativity and adaptability, our staff, students and parents have proven exemplary in their dedication and resourcefulness.
In adherence with the instructions of the cantonal authorities regarding the sanitary requirements and procedures, we have developed a protection plan which has been in place since 11th May 2020.
As classes have reopened in private schools, the Département de l’Instruction Publique (DIP) visited IIL to assess the sanitary conditions and measures put in place and have confirmed that IIL is in full compliance with the current sanitary standards.
Monique Roiné
Director General
Back to School Safely
Our aim today is to welcome our students back to school  in a reassuring and safe manner
  • 11th May: classes resumed for B1/Nu/14e up to Y9/4e, but only part-time.
  • 25th May: Classes resumed full-time for B1/Nu/14e up to Y6/7e.
  • 8th June: under the conditions detailed above, all classes will resume full-time, including Secondary school.
  • Between 11th May and 8th June: some courses can be organised for students of Y10/3e and Upper Secondary, in very small groups only (5 persons max).

Visit our COVID-19 page for more information.

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