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Unlocking creativity

  • 16th Apr 2019

We have met with the teacher Samar Akkawi who told us about the many artistic activities that are offered to children in nursery and the importance of Art in child development. (more…)

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Technology in Class: Dos and Don’ts

  • 2nd Apr 2019

The International Institute de Lancy (IIL) is considered to be one of the most innovative schools in Switzerland when it comes to using IT in the classroom. The school’s ICT Leader for English Secondary Adrian Hirst, shares some of the lessons they have learned.

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Meet Coach Jo

Do you know our sports coach Jo Beveridge? We have met up with her to talk about her passion for netball, but also about motivation and what you can learn through practising sports.  (more…)

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Would you like your child to be bilingual?

  • 20th Mar 2019

Should my child go to an English or French school? How can I ensure he or she has the best of both worlds? These are questions every parent is likely to have grappled with at some point.

Victoria Anderson, Head of Primary at the International Institute de Lancy (IIL), a private

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