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Eco-School project

At IIL, we are working to become an Eco-School. This morning the Deputy Heads of the English and French Primary met to plan the next steps.

“It’s key for us to involve the students! We will have a student Eco committee as well as several eye opening activities in class.”


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IIL’s Youth Olympics

We lit the Olympic flame at IIL!

In honour of the current Youth Olympics in Lausanne, students from our English and French sections collaborated together in mixed teams and gave it their all.

As part of the games, they created their own mascots, inspired by the official one and

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Language exchange with Libourne 

  • 22nd Nov 2019

As part of their French language classes, our English Secondary students are having a year long exchange with students from Libourne, France. Recently, their new found friends came to visit us. In this blog post, our students would like to share their experience with you.
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Meet Louise Peacocke

What is your role at IIL?

I have been a teacher here for almost 10 years and have taught Y7-9 Art, STEAM (Innovation and Technology), English Literature, and Drama. I have an MFA from the Royal College of Art in the UK, and also an MA in Education, with my

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Meet Alex Hopgood

  • 30th Aug 2019

Have you met Alex Hopgood? He and his fellow colleagues are the glue that hold everything together, without which our school would be a very different place.

What is your role at IIL?

I am a teaching assistant in the English primary section, but it is so much more

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