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Empathy workshop

  • 16th Feb 2020

Our Y7 students have just participated in an empathy workshop, as part of their Personal Social and Health Education programme. What a great skill to improve on in school! We met with the IIL teacher and workshop leader Mr Chase Jones to learn more. Lire la suite

Technology as a natural part of learning

Technology is a natural part of learning at the IIL. In this interview, Adrian Hirst, who is in charge of our technological integration, explains our approach.

What are the different tools we use at IIL?

We use a very broad range of general and specialised tools that would run

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Online learning together

  • 1st Apr 2020

We are facing new challenges due to Covid-19. Our teachers and students are establishing new ways of learning and staying connected now that we cannot meet at the campus. Our teacher Christopher Baker is sharing his experience with his class so far: (more…)

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Novelties in the STEAM lab

  • 5th Mar 2020

IIL has applied the STEAM approach to learning for decades and now our STEAM lab is growing. We asked our teachers Adrian Hirst and Sébastien Grand to tell us more about it. (more…)

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  • 28th Feb 2020

A group of Year 12 students are organising TEDxYouth here at IIL on 21 March. The theme will be Questioning the Unknown. (more…)

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Meet one of our IB students

  • 24th Jan 2020

Our IB programme can pride itself with a 98% pass rate, compared to 77% worldwide. How is that possible and what do our students think about the programme? We decided to ask Sofia, a final year IB student. (more…)

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