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Sharing at Christmas time – Gift Box Appeal

The children in our English Primary Section were eager to contribute to the charity collection Gift Box Appeal. It is held in the region each year and is a Christmas tradition at IIL.

Preparation for the 2017 Gift Box Appeal began in early November when we held

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Careers 2017

Careers Convention at IIL

Over 40 English and French speaking professionals will be attending the 7th IIL Careers Convention this Thursday 9th November from 17:00 to 19:30 to share their experiences with students in a wide range of fields, from architecture to health, from engineering to finance, from law to aviation, from

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Back to school 2016 : for your convenience

The new building is beginning to take shape and we are starting to get a idea of how things will look once this latest addition to the campus is brought to fruition. As work continues and as the 2016/2017 academic year gets underway, we are keen to ensure your IIL

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Technology as a natural part of learning

Technology is a natural part of learning at the IIL. In this interview, Adrian Hirst, who takes care of the technological integration, explains our approach.

What are the different tools we use at IIL?

We use a very broad range of general and specialised tools that would run into

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Where do the meals served at IIL come from ?

On Tuesday, 24th November, the IIL senior management team and Angela visited the Migros central kitchen facilities at La Praille, in the company of Mr Del Negro, the manager. It was the ideal opportunity to see the latest developments in the preparation of daily meals served at the school.

The first

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