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Visit by Gérald Herrmann, cartoon artist

  • 20th Jun 2019

Gérald Herrmann, cartoon artist for the Tribune de Genève, came to meet Y12 Language & Literature students. They talked about the history of the press, its role in society, its mechanisms and its challenges. The students were also able to learn editorial cartoon showing them that humor can

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Careers Convention at IIL

Over 40 English and French speaking professionals will be attending the 7th IIL Careers Convention this Thursday 9th November from 17:00 to 19:30 to share their experiences with students in a wide range of fields, from architecture to health, from engineering to finance, from law to aviation, from

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Technology as a natural part of learning

  • 1st Feb 2018

Technology is a natural part of learning at the IIL. In this interview, Adrian Hirst, who takes care of the technological integration, explains our approach.

What are the different tools we use at IIL?

We use a very broad range of general and specialised tools that would run into

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