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Sisters and swimming champions

  • 13th Dec 2017

In September 11-year-old Silhouette and 14-year-old Sarah along with their younger brother joined IIL’s French secondary and primary sections. On the 28th of September, the girls received the Swiss Olympic talent card in recognition of their sporting talents as swimmers. We took the opportunity to have

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IIL’s Youth Olympics

  • 10th Jan 2020

We lit the Olympic flame at IIL!

In honour of the current Youth Olympics in Lausanne, students from our English and French sections collaborated together in mixed teams and gave it their all.

As part of the games, they created their own mascots, inspired by the official one and

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Meet Coach Jo

  • 18th Mar 2019

Do you know our sports coach Jo Beveridge? We have met up with her to talk about her passion for netball, but also about motivation and what you can learn through practising sports.  (more…)

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Public Speaking Final

  • 25th May 2018

Thanks to an invitation from François Latouche, Head of the primary section, three of our students were able to participate in our very first public speaking competition. (more…)

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Success for our basketball team

  • 11th Jan 2018

After years of the IIL football and netball teams grabbing the headlines and plaudits, a new sporting team stepped into the spotlight at the beginning of this school year. We are proud to introduce the IIL senior boys Basketball team! (more…)

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