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Inspiring summer plans

  • 8th Mar 2018

This summer, two of our students will participate in the CISV Youth Meeting in Turkey. CISV is global organisation dedicated to innovative, fun and non-formal peace education. We hope that their story will inspire other students to try life changing experiences during the summer. Lire la suite

Ombres sur Molière et the Students of 2e in the spotlight

  • 28th Mar 2017

Before going to see a representation of Molière’s play « Ombres sur Molière » on 2 March at the theatre in Carouge, our Senior students and students in 2e have been able to demonstrate their own talents as comedians during a theatre workshop organised by Yasmina Remil. Lire la suite

Dogsled adventure

  • 22nd Feb 2018

The Husky: intelligent, good-natured – and born to run! It was an exciting and thrill-filled adventure for the Year 3 classes, as they each had the opportunity to be in control of their own dogsled team.

Winter at IIL holds many amazing and unforgettable snow bound journeys. For the

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The Essence of Learning

  • 9th Aug 2017

The All Special Kids (ASK) 10th Annual Bilingual Summer Camp is presently running at IIL from July 17th to August 11th, a unique moment of powerful learning and teaching experiences for roughly 80 kids and young adults with Special Educational Needs.  

When you walk around ASK Summer Camp

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Celebrating Children’s Literature

The London Book Fair is an annual publishing event welcoming over 25,000 visitors from across the globe. Authors, illustrators and publishing houses gather to promote their latest work, with seminars and interviews spanning a wealth of writing genres.

This was my second visit to the Book Fair and I was once

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