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Happy Chinese New Year!

  • 30th Jan 2020

This week, our students celebrated the Chinese New Year by having calligraphy sessions, playing games such as Xiangqi and setting up an exciting Chinese escape game!  (more…)

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Meet one of our IB students

  • 24th Jan 2020

Our IB programme can pride itself with a 98% pass rate, compared to 77% worldwide. How is that possible and what do our students think about the programme? We decided to ask Sofia, a final year IB student. (more…)

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IIL’s Youth Olympics

We lit the Olympic flame at IIL!

In honour of the current Youth Olympics in Lausanne, students from our English and French sections collaborated together in mixed teams and gave it their all.

As part of the games, they created their own mascots, inspired by the official one and

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