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Abattus – a film by IGCSE students

Year 11 First Language students from Mrs Icart’s and Mr Schneider’s classes took part in a contest during their French lessons. The main idea was to create trailers about environmental issues, such as deforestation, contamination, global warming and the extinction of animal species. (more…)

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You will never walk alone

Several Year 6 students from the English Primary Section came up with a novel idea to ensure everyone here at IIL has a happy playtime. Their “Buddy Bench” concept began as a conversation and grew into a concrete approach to tackling loneliness in our playground. Three girls who launched the

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Digital Leaders round two

Last year was the first year Digital Leaders were appointed in the English Primary Section. The presence of Digital Leaders has definitely brought a fresh, pupil-centred perspective to ICT. It was such a huge success last year that we are doing it all again! (more…)

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Dancing with drones

Sphero is a small robot that is programmable via an iPad. In the P.E. class, the IIL pupils have managed to totally transform the robot into a dancer combining both artistic creativity and computer programming talents.

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Litech – the online magazine of IIL students

During the 2015-16 school year, our 2nde French section students who had chosen an explorative teaching of”Literature and Society”, were entrusted with a project to produce a magazine, which they entitled Litech (literature and technologies), via the joomag internet site, proposed by Mr. Hirst, who contributed to its publication and

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