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Chacha Team : the Channel Challenge

  • 25th Oct 2016

Chacha team is a team of 8 girls from International Schools in Switzerland. They swam across the English Channel to raise money and awareness for Obstetric Fistula. They are the first female team based in Switzerland to do so. Leila, an IB students at IIL, answered our question. Lire la suite

Autumn Holiday Camp: Into the Woods

  • 12th Oct 2016

As always during IIL holiday periods, the school is proposing a camp during the autumn holiday week in May. The supervisors have prepared adventure-filled programmes for the Kid’s Club (3 – 6 year olds) and the Junior Club (7 – 11 year olds). Bookings are now open.

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Hiking in Matterhorn land

  • 9th Oct 2016

From September 8th to September 10th, 14 French section students and 7 from the English section went on a hike in the breathtaking surroundings Zermatt.

IIL staff members, Mandarine Derolland, Béatrice Lefifchoux and Diego Schneider, led the group on the three hikes chosen by Lofti Ben Hamida who know the area

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Earth song

Elisha, who is now studying in Seconde, has been awarded the Flamme de bronze by the literary contest of the « Flammes vives » associations. Candidates were asked to write a poem celebrating  the planet. Well done, Elisha.


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Earth, smoke and fire

  • 18th Oct 2016

From September 5th to September 10th 2016, Terminale and Y13 students made an unforgettable visit to the land of volcanos in Sicily. Here is their story.


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Book Week at IIL

  • 10th Oct 2016

In the English Primary Section we celebrate Book Week which incorporates many activities which serve to inspire our young readers. The activities across the week include a traditional book fair, giving children the opportunity to purchase titles from renowned authors. (more…)

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Cohesion Trips 2016

Secondary students take off for three-day trips known as Cohesion trips with an aim to giving the 500 or so students and their teachers a chance to get to know each other outside the school environment. English and French Secondary section students in equivalent classes take part in the outings in groups of  50

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