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IIL Football : season recap

  • 17th Dec 2015

Saturday 19th September- IIL participated in the LAC LEMAN SCHOOL LEAGUE MINIME GIRLS tournament at La Chataignerie International school. IIL finished 1ST

Tuesday 22nd September- IIL participated in the ADISR MINIME boys tournament at Florimont International school. IIL finished 2ND

Thursday 24th September- IIL participated in the ADISR BENJAMIN boys tournament at

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Best-ever results for IIL at the 2015 Escalade Race

  • 14th Dec 2015

The 38th edition of the Escalade race on Saturday, 5th December was a record-breaking event for IIL. Firstly, IIL’s best ever result was obtained by Year 6 English primary student Vérane, who placed second in the « Girls B10 » classification.

Secondly, this year saw a record-number of IIL students taking part in

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Nicolas Gisin, award-winning physicist visits IIL

On 20th November, students from the secondary Première and Terminale science-oriented classes attended a conference given by Professor Nicolas Gisin from the University of Geneva, eminent physicist and winner of the prestigious Marcel Benoist prize. He came to speak about his current research on the theme of “quantum teleportation “.


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Revelling in Rhetoric

The great debate was on at IIL as English classes battled it out for supremacy (and chocolate).

Students worked on the art of persuasion, harnessing all their skills to convince the audience of the solidity of their arguments. The hot topics chosen for debate ran the gamut from the refugee crisis

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Where do the meals served at IIL come from ?

On Tuesday, 24th November, the IIL senior management team and Angela visited the Migros central kitchen facilities at La Praille, in the company of Mr Del Negro, the manager. It was the ideal opportunity to see the latest developments in the preparation of daily meals served at the school.

The first

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